If you're the bridesmaid or bride in an upcoming wedding, you're probably familiar with the idea of a wedding day emergency kit. No matter how well your plans are laid out and how detailed your schedule is, wedding day mishaps are bound to happen. Having a wedding day emergency kit comes in super handy in these instances! Having a few things on hand to put out any fires that might threaten the bride's sanity will make the whole day smoother for everyone. This list covers the contingency supplies, since we're pretty sure you won't forget your makeup or phone on your big day. Pack up your kit in a cute bag and have it handy while getting ready and afterwards at the reception. Here's our list of what you should include in your emergency kit:
1. Mini sewing kit: Speaking from experience, this was one of the handiest things I had on my wedding day! Make sure it has scissors, needles, coordinating thread, buttons, and safety pins.
2. Tweezers: Stray hairs seem to pop up at the worst moments, but they won't be a problem with tweezers on hand!
3. Q-tips and makeup remover: Make it easy on yourself to combat eyeliner mistakes without having to re-do your entire face.
4. Blotting papers: Again, it'll take care of the problem without messing up all of your makeup!
5. Tampons/pads: Even if you don't need them, chances are someone else will.
6. Nail polish and file: Have a clear topcoat for stocking runs and the shade you're wearing for chip touch-ups
7. Tissues: Tears are inevitable on wedding days, so keep these bad boys handy!
8. Mini first aid kit: Band-aids, burn relief, antiseptic, etc. are all good to have on hand.
9. Medicine: You might need a variety like pain reliever, allergy medicine, and an antacid for whatever ailments come up on the big day.
10. Unscented sunscreen and bugspray: You'll need this mainly if the wedding is outdoors or you'll be outside for a while for wedding photos.
11. Deodorant: Either someone will forget to put it on, or you'll need to reapply throughout the day. Either way, it's a necessity.
12. Razor: Just like the tweezers for stray hairs, you'll probably notice a patch of missed hair around your ankle that just can't be there on your wedding day.
13. Granola bars or snacks: Fight off the hangry with an arsenal of easy-to-carry snacks.
14. Super Glue: One of those just-in-case fix-all sort of supplies that's good to have.
15. Breath mints/gum: Fight off cotton mouth or stale breath, especially before the big first kiss!
16. Stain remover pen: Get rid of little spills or makeup marks quickly and easily.
17. White chalk: For stains that won't come out, cover them up with some white chalk and no one will know the difference.
18. Lint roller: Great for the bridesmaids and groomsmen
19. Cash: Just in case the bride needs something from the vending machine!
20. Floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, and toothpicks: In case one of those granola bars gets stuck in the bride's teeth.
21. Lotion: Good for both dry skin and hair flyaways
22. Extra earring backs: Those things seem to go missing at the worst times! Have extra on hand and you'll be a lifesaver. 
23. Hairspray, comb, bobby pins, etc.: You can never have too many bobby pins on hand!
Did we miss anything? Let us know what saved the day on your wedding day!

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