We see a lot of different sand color combinations go out our doors. As you can imagine, many of our neutrals are always at the top of our seller list. The fun part is to see what colors are paired with the neutrals as the seasons pass. With April coming to an end, we decided to take a look at some of April's top color combinations. One thing we noticed is that, depending on how you accessorize and compliment the colors, these combinations are suitable year-round for any season. Check out some of April's top colors combinations:
Plum and Ivory
Our Plum wedding sand and Ivory wedding sand combine for a classic look. Plum is a rich color, and it matches the beautiful shades of fall and winter well. However, if you add some lighter purple tones or a little bit of a gold accent, it can be a lovely hue for a sophisticated spring or summer wedding.
Marine and Gold Shimmer
One of the most popular neutrals this year is our Gold Shimmer wedding sand. Together with Marine wedding sand, you can get a look that's elegant, rustic, vintage, or luxurious, depending on how you use it. We love the idea of a marine and gold woodland theme, or spray some pinecones gold for a shimmery and modern winter wedding. No matter what you do, you can't go wrong with this color combination.
Malibu and Silver Shimmer
Perfect for a beach theme, our Malibu wedding sand and Silver Shimmer wedding sand give off tropical vibes, and the vibrant blue is perfect for spring and summer. You can also use the colors to create an icy blue and shimmery silver winter wonderland if you have a cold-weather wedding.
What is your favorite color combination that works all year long?

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