There are many new and creative traditions on the rise giving couples different options from which to choose when it comes to symbolizing their covenant and unity of their marriage. Along with the new wedding ideas, Christian couples, and many churches, are looking for biblical evidence that supports the foundation of these new traditions.   Sandsational Sparkle has specialized in the unity sand ceremony since 2002, and we were pleased to present more information and lay to rest some of the thoughts circulating that this new sand ceremony is “pagan”.
    The sand ceremony itself is actually representative of the old Hebrew tradition, the Salt Covenant. During the days of Abraham, the Hebrew Salt Covenant was used in exchange to seal friendships, agreements, and contracts and was a seal of truce and peace. The two men in business with one another would carry pouches full of salt and would either blend some salt on the ground out of each pouch, or would simply mix an amount of salt from the other's pouch into their own pouch to signify the covenant that they were entering. This also symbolized that once the salt was mixed, it could not be separated, making this transaction final and everlasting. There are some basic traits to salt that play a part in its symbolization of true covenant and why sand is used as a means to represent that. We know that salt is used to preserve and to purify food and other things, but it also signifies eternal endurance and purification because of these qualities it possesses.
    In the Jewish culture, the salt was actually used as a symbolic bond between husband and wife. They also used it in ritual reconciliation and to signify and celebrate adoption into the family. 
    A lot of our customers who are blending a family of children(or where a spouse has already had a child and will be adopted) will mirror this Jewish tradition by purchasing a third color of sand for children to pour with the husband’s and the wife’s sand—showing that they have been adopted and are now one family forever. Very, very precious
    The unity candle has been used for a very long time in traditional and Christian ceremonies and is very beautiful in what it signifies, as well. However, there is no substantial evidence that supports that this tradition is either fully Christian or fully Pagan in its roots. In any case, we can use it in a very significant way to portray what we believe, and many have done just that. After all, there are many Christian principles that can be paralleled with the unity candle. These principles are as follows:
-Christ as the Light of the World
-Individuals professing the Lord is now the ultimate Light of their lives
-Unifying themselves as one
    If you’ve been looking for a more modern way to do the unity portion of your wedding ceremony that also aligns with any Christian beliefs you may have, we hope that this information has given you a little more insight into what the Unity Sand Ceremony represents and what a beautiful statement of true, everlasting, and unbreakable covenant it is.
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