It’s a week before the big day and what should brides avoid? By following this how-to guide, brides can ensure a successful and beautiful wedding.

• Hair Color – Never try a new hair color just before the wedding. The color could oxidize and appear unflattering or look terrible next to certain skin tones. If going for a refreshed look, colorists can simply add a top layer of gloss which helps add sheen and shine.
• Alcohol – Not only does alcohol carry a lot of calories, it can also make facial tissue appear puffy, as well as weakening the digestive system. Alcohol also promotes blood vessel dilation, which can cause unsightly residue.
• Workout Routines – Changing to a new workout routine just before the wedding can strain muscles and cause excessive soreness. If a bride wants to lose weight before her big day, she should start a new exercise routine several months beforehand. If brides are looking to simply relieve pre-wedding day jitters, going for a long walk outdoors is also helpful.
• Makeup – Brides should do a run through with their makeup before the wedding. People need to look like themselves in their wedding day photos. Taking skin type, hairstyle, age, wedding colors and time of day into consideration can help create a fantastic wedding look that is fresh and youthful. The most effective way to have beautiful, refreshed skin before a wedding is to hydrate and sleep, while avoiding tanning beds.
• Cleanses – While some brides may think it’s optimal to try a juice cleanse before the wedding, having a proper caloric intake helps people stay emotionally sane and alert. Juice cleanses are extremely low in calories, which can lead to irritability and loss of energy.
• Skincare Products – Never try new makeup or skincare products before a wedding day. This will help avoid unsightly allergic reactions, including oiliness, dryness and breakouts.
• Sleep – Sleep deprivation takes a toll on people’s immune system. By getting restful sleep, people can fight off viral infections, dark circles and ruddy complexions. This will lead to a calmer and much happier bride.
• Caffeine – Excessive caffeine can contribute to nervousness and anxiety. Caffeine is also dehydrating and can contribute to dark undereye circles. Normal caffeine consumption is acceptable before a wedding, but brides shouldn’t partake in excessive amounts.

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