Sandsational Sparkle specializes in offering the latest wedding trend merchandise. They specialize in offering sand ceremony kits, which add a special touch of class and sparkle sand to any wedding ceremony. Helping give brides the latest wedding trend advice, they also offer “Seven Outdated Wedding Traditions that Need to Die,” which includes:

  1. The Bride’s Family Pays – This outdated tradition is simply not practical in today’s day and age. This originally stemmed from men offering women’s families dowries for a woman’s hand in marriage. In exchange, the women’s family would give him an abundance of healthy farm animals, gifts and even money for marrying their daughter. Couples should either consider paying for the wedding themselves or asking both families to share in the cost of the wedding, instead of the bride’s family bearing the sole expense.
  2. The Money Dance – In a day and age where it’s simply uncomfortable to ask guests for money – especially for a dance – forgo the monetary aspect and simply ask that guests write down wishes and blessings for the couple in lieu of monetary offerings.
  3. Throwing Rice – This is simply not environmentally friendly, especially to birds. Consider replacing this traditional activity with birdseed or flower petals.
  4. Traditional Vows – Many couples are exploring adding their own personal touches to their wedding vows.  Something that reflects it is genuinely from the heart, instead of simply the standard wedding vow recitation, is more memorable and meaningful for the couple.
  5. Obey Who? – This is an old tradition and with equality in today’s society, most people are uncomfortable with this vow. Instead of committing to time honored tradition, consider eliminating it from the vows if it makes couples uncomfortable.
  6. The Bride Give Away – Traditionally, the father “gave away” his daughter, but many people feel as though this emphasizes property instead of free will. Many couples are simply foregoing the traditional father and daughter walk and just having the bride walk down the aisle.
  7. Sixpence – This old tradition started when fathers would place sixpence coins in the bride’s shoe, believing it brought good fortune and prosperity into the marriage. Most people today embrace the notion that hard work and perseverance is the main contributor to prosperity.

Weddings should be a reflection of the bride and groom’s personality, not simply incorporating traditional events that are meaningless. In today’s modern world there are a number of new customs that couples can embrace, and certainly couples can feel free to make up their own, unique traditions.

Guests will also appreciate a wedding that deviates from the standard norm, as these are far more entertaining, enlivening and enjoyable compared to one that is laced with uptight, rigid restrictions.

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