There are a number of reasons someone may be faced with planning a short wedding. Perhaps the bride or groom have received military orders and will soon be relocating or there is an impending bundle of joy soon to join a budding family. Whatever someone’s reasons may be, planning a wedding in 30 days can be a success with proper organization. To help plan a wedding on short-notice, follow these helpful tips:

• Budget, Style and Guest List – This is the essential planning element. Does someone want a down to earth wedding, an intimate dinner or a fancy cocktail-style party? Following a budget is vital to not overspending, as weddings can be extremely expensive. When planning a wedding on a short time frame, many guests will be unavailable with prior commitments.
• Date and Reception Site – Marking the date and selecting the reception site are extremely important. Saturdays may be booked, but a late Friday night or early Sunday morning wedding may be an alternate option.
• Wedding Website and Registry – Create a free online website and register for gifts at several stores.
• Invitations – Sending invitations is important and this task should be done as soon as a venue and date are selected. This will ensure that people save the date long before the wedding weekend arrives.
• Wedding Dress – Wedding dresses need time to be ordered and perhaps altered. If big name bridal boutiques cannot guarantee delivery before the big day, try shopping a department store chain that also offers alterations.
• To Tux or Not to Tux? – Renting a tux needs to be planned, as sizes and alterations must be made prior to the big day. If someone would prefer to wear a suit, make sure alterations will be completed in time.
• Bridal Party – Select a simple color and style and simply have the bridal party select a dress that blends with a certain color theme. This will ensure that a large order of dresses will not arrive late. Men can simply wear coordinating neckties.
• Vendors – Create a detailed outlined of the wedding plans so that the remaining vendors can be interviewed. This includes caterers, bakers, florists, photographers, videographers and bands.

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