Southern weddings have a lot going for them: beautiful scenery, delicious food, and the wonderful traditions. One tradition from the South called "burying the bourbon" is a great tradition you could borrow for your own wedding no matter where you live.
Southern folklore dictates that if you bury a bottle of bourbon at the spot where the bride and groom will be married, it won't rain on their wedding day. Many believers in the tradition say that the bourbon must be buried exactly one month before the wedding. Other variations say that the bourbon should be buried on a day with weather you'd be happy to have at your wedding.
The bottle of bourbon must be completely full, and it must be buried upside down to ensure the ideal weather.
After the ceremony, whether it rains or shines, the bottle should be dug up and shared with the bridal party. To us, this tradition is a win-win regardless of the weather! Just make sure you have the lid on tightly and don't forget where you buried the bottle!
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