When you think of vintage wedding themes, what comes to mind? Old world Hollywood glam, rustic country, soft and sweet romance, or a garden casual affair with classic drinks and games? Any of these could be considered a vintage wedding, which goes to show that there’s a vintage wedding theme out there for just about everyone! Many things can make a wedding vintage like the dress, reception details, or the colors and flowers you choose. Here’s a few of our ideas for a vintage wedding. 
Using Colors 
It’s so fun to see what wedding sand color combinations people order and try to guess what their wedding theme is. There are certain colors of wedding sand that we see together and think, “Yup, this one is a vintage theme!” Colors like mint, peach, pink blush, light yellow, medium gray, champagne, gold shimmer, and tan combine to create a soft and romantic vintage feel. What colors remind you of days past?
Tea Party 
Sometimes, the decorative touches at the reception set the theme for your big day. For a tea party themed wedding, you could have simple centerpieces of an old glass bottle with one or two pastel colored flowers in each, vintage tea cups, old books, and pearls on top of a silver vintage serving tray. Use lace tablecloths on top of a soft colored cloth for a cozy yet romantic feel, and serve the food on vintage china to complete the theme. 
Gatsby Revival 
Be inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s description of luxurious lawn parties by the sea with this theme. Wedding sand colors like ivory, tan, gold, and teal or spa compliment this theme. Use an art deco style font on your invitations to allude to the theme for your guests. Besides your décor, this theme can really be driven home by the bride, groom, and wedding party’s ensembles. A beaded wedding dress in a gold or champagne color would wow the guests, and this would be the perfect theme for a stunning headband hair piece. For a more casual wedding, the men could wear trousers with suspenders, or a classic tuxedo for a more elegant affair. 
A vintage countryside theme is a great opportunity to use burlap, wicker, wood, and other natural elements. Wildflower bouquets would be perfect for this theme, as well as lanterns and mason jars for décor. We imagine guests sipping drinks through paper straws out of vintage soda bottles and playing yard games like lawn darts for this theme. 

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