As the seasons change, so do wedding color trends. We have the benefit of seeing which colors are trending based on the colors of wedding sand going out the door. Sometimes we can tell the theme of the wedding based on the sand colors, like a vintage, rustic, or beach theme. Other times, we're not so sure, and we get to imagine what the wedding will look like based on a few colors of sand. This is such a fun part of the job! 
 Right now, the top colors of wedding sand we're seeing go out to our customers are Cobalt, Dove Gray, Silver Shimmer, Gold Shimmer, and Mint. These five colors can be paired in a number of ways, and we chose three of our favorite combinations to give you some wedding inspiration. 
 Let's start out with one of the most popular wedding trends this season - Mint and Gold Shimmer. These two colors of wedding sand make us think of a wedding that's a little bit funky and vintage, but still has lots of class. Using a metallic color like gold is a great way to add sparkle to your wedding. Use a glittery gold ribbon for your flower arrangements, or find gold place settings for your reception. This color combination is a trend in fashion, too, so you'll be able to easily find fun and unique jewelry for your big day. To add some of that funkiness, have your bridesmaids pick their own dress style in the color of your choice. If you're into DIY, metallic gold spray paint can transform nearly anything into something that will fit in your wedding theme. Think cake stands, flower vases, picture frames, and more. Use mint and gold shimmer wedding sand for your sand ceremony or reception centerpieces, too.
If you're into a more classic wedding look, we love Dove Gray and Cobalt wedding sand paired together. This is a color combination that can work year round, and we especially love it for summer. Keep it clean looking with mostly white flowers with touches of cobalt blue, or if you want more of a summery pop of color, go with flowers in a citrus color like bright orange or lemon yellow. Gray suits would look great on the guys for this combination. Since our Cobalt wedding sand is compared to David's Bridal Horizon, you shouldn't have any troubles finding bridesmaid dresses to match your theme that all of the ladies will love. The bright blue color will add a cheerfulness, and gray is an easy neutral to work with.
If you're going for all out luxury on your wedding day, consider pairing silver shimmer and gold shimmer wedding sand. Mixed metals is a super trendy look right now, and with the right balance, this combination will make your wedding day look like a million bucks, literally and figuratively. A brooch bouquet would be perfect for this theme. Your bridesmaids could all match, or let them choose their own dresses in varying shades of gold. For a DIY wedding, take full advantage of metallic silver and gold spray paint to customize your decor. Our silver shimmer and gold shimmer wedding sand would be perfect for not only your sand ceremony, but also for table decor like flower centerpieces.
Other combination we love with these five colors are cobalt and silver, cobalt and mint, or mint and dove gray. What's your favorite combination?

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