Spring weddings are great for so many reasons. Spring symbolizes new life, which makes it a perfect time to start a new life together with your spouse. Flowers are in full bloom giving you a wide variety to choose from for your bouquets and décor, plus you can take advantage of other natural things like cherry blossoms or moss, which is abundant this time of year. The sunny days and warmer, but not hot, temperatures make outdoor weddings comfortable. Plus, midday parties, or even a brunch reception feel more appropriate this time of year, and they can really open up the possibilities for an unforgettable day. You can opt for a shorter dress, lighter fabric, or more relaxed dress code, but a formal event would still be possible, too. Finally, the wedding color options seem endless this time of year. From bright and cheery to soft and subdued, we’re looking at a few of our favorite color combinations for spring weddings.

Pink Chiffon, Meadow, & White
Something about light pink and light green makes them feel like the theme colors of spring. Paired with white, you get a fresh and easy feeling theme. There are so many flower options for this color combination, but we especially love roses or peonies.  These colors feel perfect for a midday garden wedding. Our pink chiffon, meadow, and white unity sand would be a perfect compliment for this color combination.

Serene and Peach 
Our Serene color wedding sand has always been one of my favorite colors, so I’m so glad to see dusty blue becoming a wedding color trend. We love it paired with peach or a blush pink, and it gives a cool, vintage vibe to your wedding. Anemones or succulents would be great choices for bouquets paired with peach roses. Either a light tan or gray would be a great neutral accent color for this combination. Click on the color names to check out our Serene and Peach wedding sand.

Spa, Gold, and White
Wow! This combination sure makes a statement, and we think it’s a perfect one for a more formal and luxurious wedding. We love to see gold becoming popular again, and adding an aqua color like Spa to it gives it a modern update. Using white in your flowers keeps everything nice and elegant. We think this is a great opportunity to try something like a brooch bouquet, too. Or, if you’re feeling extra daring, try a gold wedding dress! Check out our Gold Shimmer and Spa wedding sand.

Yellow and Green
Green and yellow are such a natural match. Just like grass and sunshine or lemons and limes, these two colors seem to just belong together. The décor possibilities are so fun with these colors. You can use actual lemons, limes, grass, billy ball flowers, and more. We chose our Apple Green, Sunbeam, Clover, and Yellow Chiffon wedding sand colors for this combination.

What’s your favorite spring color combination? 

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