We’re talking about the wedding sand ceremony and giving some ideas for your ceremony. Our last post here talked about the order you pour the wedding sand in, what it represents, and ways to incorporate other family members. Today, we want to talk about how to get creative with your wedding sand ceremony and make some different designs in the sand.

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Typically, the wedding sand ceremony is done while a song is playing. One great thing about a sand ceremony, compared to a unity candle, is that you can take your time while the song is playing to fill your vase.

If you leave your vase flat on the table and pour the wedding sand evenly in, you will end up with flat layers of sand. If you want some variation in the layers, sort of like a wave design, you can either tilt your vase as you pour the sand in, or pour more sand in one area than another to build up a sort of peak.


If you have a vase with a smaller opening, using a funnel will not only keep the process cleaner, but it will give you a bit more control over where the wedding sand goes in the vase. One great idea for a funnel is to use a copy of your wedding sheet music. It adds a nice, personal touch for free.

Another easy way to add some interest to your wedding sand vase is to do either thick layers or very thin layers.  Thick layers will have a bold, graphic look while thin layers will have an almost watery wave type look to it. If you want a sort of “tiger stripe” look, don’t pour a full layer of sand each time - leave parts of the layer below showing around the edge.


There are also ways after the ceremony to add some design to your wedding sand ceremony finished product. Take a long, thin skewer and carefully poke it down into the sand along the edge to form downward peaks. Or, you can top your sand with small trinkets from your wedding day like seashells for a beach wedding or dried flowers from your bouquet.

Whatever you decide to do, your wedding sand ceremony vase will be a one-of-a-kind creation that you can display for years to come.

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