Since the Middle Ages, rosemary has had a place in wedding traditions as a symbol of remembrance. For the newlyweds, it is a symbol of fidelity and a promise to remember the vows made to each other that day. It is also used as a symbol of love and promise to loved ones passed on to not forget the impact they made on your life or the memories you made together.

In those ancient times, brides would wear a rosemary wreath around their head, and grooms and wedding guests would also wear a sprig of rosemary. With bohemian, garden, and vintage themed weddings becoming more popular, this traditional wedding love charm would make a whimsical addition to a wedding day hair do. Rosemary could also be worked into nearly any bridal bouquet or table centerpiece to add a fragrant and natural element. Consider placing a sprig of rosemary on each place setting as a token for your guests to remember your wedding day by. If the look of rosemary isn't for you, but you love the flavor, you could work it into the menu as part of a marinade or garnish.

However you choose to use it, rosemary can easily be worked into any aspect of your wedding day to continue an ancient tradition of remembering the most important part of your big day – the promises made to each other in your vows.

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