My favorite thing about fall has to be the colors. The richness of deep reds and purples, the beautiful changing leaves, and the blooming of fall flowers all work together to create one of nature’s greatest color palates. If you’re getting married in the fall, you have the chance to take advantage of what nature has to offer in your wedding bouquet. Check out some of our top picks for fall bouquets: 
 We absolutely love the use of wheat for fall bouquets. Either alone or mixed in with large, vibrant flowers, the wheat provides a really interesting texture for a wedding bouquet.
 The deep plum colors of these dahlias make it a perfect option for a fall bouquet. The white on the petals add an exciting visual impact, and the pop of brightness from the green acorns help break up the monochromatic flowers. 
This stunning bouquet takes advantage of fall’s bounty with the beautiful leaves and colorful berries. The rest is kept simple with white flowers and a white wrapping around the stems.
 Finally, we love this simple yet vibrant bouquet made of orange lilies. 
With the benefit of the beautiful natural colors of fall, your bouquet is sure to be stunning for your autumn wedding.

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