The little details of a wedding can really help make it an extra-special event. The bride and groom’s personalities can shine bright in the small touches, and it’s a great opportunity to make the wedding guests feel like they’re part of something special. 

The problem is many of those little details can start adding up to big costs. With more and more brides going the DIY route and sticking to a tighter budget, it can take some creativity to add those special details without breaking the bank.

Here are some ideas for adding fun and personal details to your wedding without spending an arm and a leg:

-Personalized aisle runners can get pretty spendy. Why not buy a plain white runner and, along with your fiancé, personalize it yourself? Grab some stencils and fabric paint and have some fun! Or, you can use your surroundings to create a natural aisle, like lining the sand with seashells for a beach wedding. Buying a few yards of fabric in one of your wedding colors to use as a runner can also be easy on your budget.

-Do you and your significant other share a hobby? Showcase it! You could find a guitar for everyone to sign if you’re into music, or do an “autographed baseball” if you’re sports fans.

-Other fun and inexpensive guest book options are signing stones, which can be put in a decorative vase and displayed in your home, or wish cards that would look cute placed in a vintage birdcage.

-One thing that can be totally free is the music you choose for your ceremony. While there is nothing wrong with the traditional wedding processional, feel free to choose songs that have more personal meaning to you.

-Speaking of music – ask your guests what song they’d want to hear at the reception on the RSVP, and you have yourself a dance playlist that you know everyone will love! If you can get your hands on the necessary equipment, you could skip the DJ cost altogether!

-Having a signature cocktail at your wedding? Print the recipe on a card to put at each place setting so guests can make it for themselves at home. This would make a super easy and cheap wedding favor.

-Pay tribute to your family by displaying wedding photos from parents and grandparents. Displaying photos from you and your spouse’s childhood is also easy and free, and guests will have fun looking at the pictures and seeing how far you've both come.

With just a little creativity, you can make your wedding an event that you and all of your guests will remember without having to spend a fortune to do so.

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