Rarely does anyone walk away empty-handed from a traditional wedding, as couples are encouraged to give wedding favors and tokens to friends and family. But how did this time-honored, customary tradition evolve?

Dating back to 16th century England, it was exceptionally common for brides and grooms to give tokens of love – little love knots that were designed from elaborate ribbon and lace – to each wedding guest. This served as a favor, representing the couples’ bonds of love, or in some cases, arrangements. Today, that simple tradition has evolved into a significant custom, one by which many couples are even judged by.

Highlighted below are notable wedding favor trends:

  • Bonbonnieres – French and Italian aristocrats would send wedding tokens home with guests. While not exclusive to weddings, these favors were delicate boxes made from metal, porcelain, precious stones or crystal. Tucked neatly inside were sweets made from prized sugar.
  • Luck – For superstitious couples, wedding was supposed to impart luck. To help aid them in receiving good luck, couples would give guests treats and bonbonnieres, passing good fortune upon their guests. This gift often consisted of five pieces of candy or almonds, which were known to represent health, fertility, wealth, longevity and happiness.
  • Jordan Almonds – Still popular today, the almond included in bonbonnieres were crossed with confectionary goodness to create candied Jordan Almonds.

Today, any types of wedding favors are acceptable. While most Americans try to tie wedding favors into their wedding themes, other countries have time-honored favor traditions.

  • India – For the ultimate in good luck, guests are given small handmade elephants.
  • Italy – Jordan Almonds or chocolate-covered confections are a staple favor.
  • Russia – An assortment of small candles, pictures and trinkets are bestowed as wedding favors.
  • Spain – Each guest receives a detalle, which includes a gift for the woman and a cigar for the man.
  • Ireland – Small wedding bells are given as favors to family and friends.

Couples can include wedding favors as part of their tablescape or centerpiece designs or set aside a separate table that is adorned with unique favors. A time honored tradition, wedding favors can include bottle openers, a book of matches, confectionary candies or potted herbs, to name a few.

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