The origins of wedding traditions have many surprises and unlike the diamond engagement ring tradition, which only dates to the last century, some wedding traditions hold time-honored, cherished places deep within society.  Sandsational Sparkle unveils the top wedding traditions that have the most surprising origins.

  • Rings – While the diamond engagement ring is a modern tradition, some sources show that ancient Romans and Egyptians would use rings to record weddings. In the 12th century, the Catholic Church changed their rules to say that weddings should be held within the church and brides were to receive rings. Of course these rings were without expensive diamonds, which DeBeers significantly changed by incorporating “A Diamond is Forever” into the hearts of brides everywhere.
  • Honeymoon – Long ago when grooms would steal their brides, they would embark on an abduction-filled journey back to their homelands. Tradition dictated that the bride and groom were required to hide for 30 days and during this time frame, family and friends would leave cups of honey wine, thus turning this vacation into a honeymoon.
  • Veil – Long ago, society believed that brides were vulnerable to the world’s evil enchantments and thus, must be veiled to resist these dark spirits. The Romans took their preoccupation with evil spirits so far that they even had brides wear flame-colored veils, attempting to ward off these dark forces. Religious ceremonies viewed the veil as a sign of ultimate respect and humility, while the Victorian era used veils as a fledgling status symbol – sizing up the length, weight and quality of the veil was an absolute necessity at the time. Slowing this tradition has evolved into a customary fashion statement.
  • Bridesmaids’ Dresses – In ancient times, bridesmaids were expected to duplicate the look of the bride. This often lead to confusion and as soon as society’s superstitions about colorful dyes and fabrics subsided, brides selected bold, bright hues for bridesmaids’ dresses, helping to ensure the bride remained the best dressed accessory at her own wedding.
  • Bouquet – Dating back to the Plague, brides would clutch bouquets of dill and garlic, breathing in the fumes, simply trying to survive. Over the years, it become acceptable to incorporate more pleasant smelling flowers, but the tradition of carrying a bouquet is a time-honored staple.
  • Garter – While many modern couples choose to forgo this classic tradition, its roots are much more sinister and displeasing. Originally, this tradition dated to medieval times in England and France. The bride would wear a garter over her stocking and once the ceremony concluded, the garter was checked to confirm that the marriage was consummated. In France, however, guests would storm the bride believing that pieces of the wedding gown brought good luck. To help appease the manic crowds, the garter was given as a less invasive token of good fortune.

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