To welcome 2014, Sandsational Sparkle has compiled a list of the latest 2014 wedding color trends that are rocking runways worldwide. A central decision that later dictates themes, décor, style and flowers, it’s important for couples to select wedding colors that match their unique sense of style!

  • Blue – Once again, blue remains one of the most popular wedding colors. However, instead of traditional marine or dark blue, 2014 will see an expansion into more delicate colors, such as peacock, teal, turquoise and even blue-green. Known as the new black, expect to see grooms and groomsmen decked out in dark, sophisticated blues.
  • Green – While traditional nature-hued greens are still anticipated to grace many weddings this upcoming year, experts predict that more mint and avocado hues will reign supreme.
  • Orange – Cool reds were popular for years, but are now being overtaken by warm, yellow undertone hues, such as oranges and bright yellows. With these warm undertones, couples can easily use this hue for inspiration for summer or fall weddings.
  • Pink – Blending together to form a soft, color-coordinated palette, this year will see a mixture of delicate ballerina pinks that combine with bold raspberry and magenta hues. This well-coordinated combination creates an elegant blush theme.
  • Grey – Grey is not only the new neutral in home décor, but it’s expected to make further headway by diving into weddings. An eclectic color that pairs well with cool and warm combinations, grey looks excellent by itself or when incorporated into muted or bold patterns. Grey is the ideal neutral, as it brings together clashing colors and helps to form a central, cohesive theme. In fact, grey pairs well with pink, bright yellow, raspberry, coral and even orange.
  • Black and White – Not just for traditional tuxedos, Vera Wang introduced stylish black details to white wedding ball gowns, adding instant touches of panache and class. Brides can also incorporate black details with lacy gloves, a black sash or even black jewelry.
  • Gold – There is nothing that defines elegance more than classic gold, white and ivory. This tried and true wedding theme adds sparkle and warmth to any celebration and looks elegant with garden themes and upscale, five-star venues.

Experts anticipate that 2014 will be alive with warm tone hues and fantastic patterns. As with any year, seasonal color trends will dominate with spring seeing a variety of navy blues, pinks and purples. Shades of pinks and purples typically dominate the summer months, as statistics have shown. Experts predict the most popular color trends to watch are navy blue, teal, coral and burgundy.

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