A question that we get asked a lot is “What is the difference between your Coral and Coral Reef sand?” I’d like to answer that question for you, as well as show you just a few of the many ways it can be used for a wedding color.

When brides come to us looking for coral sand, they have a pretty specific shade in mind, and it’s typically either a peachy coral with a bit more orange to it, or a salmon shade of coral that leans more towards the pink side of things. Since coral has become, and continues to be, such a popular wedding color, we decided to offer both shades so you can be sure your sand ceremony and decorations are exactly what you want.

Our Coral unity sand is the shade that would be described as peachy, and it leans more to the orange side. Coral Reef unity sand could be called a salmon shade, and it falls more towards the pink side.


Whichever shade you choose for your wedding, they both can be paired with so many other colors to fit nearly any wedding theme. 

For a beach theme or destination wedding, pair one of the shades of coral with a color like Spa or Malibu. With touches like seashells and tropical flowers, this color combination can make you feel like you’re in paradise.

If you’d rather be sailing on the water than relaxing on the beach, add our Marine colored sand to one of the corals, and you’ll have a perfect combination for a nautical theme. This theme is easily accented with stripes, anchors, and other sea and boat related items.

Pair Coral or Coral Reef with a neutral shade like tan or hazelnut, and you’ll have a perfect color combination for a western chic wedding. Add some burlap and lace, weathered wood signs, and wildflowers to this color combination, and you’ll have an event that is equal parts rustic and romantic. This is a great combination to carry over into a fall wedding, as well.

To channel the days of past, create a combination of Coral and Mint. With touches of gold, you’d have a unique vintage feel to your big day.

If you’re wedding is going to be a spring fling, consider pairing a shade of coral with Sunbeam for a vibrant and fresh theme. This bright and happy combination would transition perfectly into your flower arrangements, as well.

It seems like no matter which shade you choose or what you combine it with, Coral and Coral Reef are incredibly easy colors to work with and build your wedding theme around.

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