Why Music Means so Much

Customize the emotion of your wedding through the power of music. By softly playing "your song" during the unity sand ceremony, it makes a sweet moment even sweeter. Music sets the tone of any event, adding sentiment and emotion, and couples often utilize the Unity Ceremony to play an especially personal song. However, if you and your Sweetheart don’t have a song, here are some things to consider.

Lighting candles provides roughly one to two minutes, enough time for a short verse and maybe a chorus. The beautiful thing about a Unity Sand Ceremony that it takes more time, so you have a good chance to be able to play an entire song.

Keep the type of Unity Ceremony you want in mind, while making the music selection. The last thing you want is for the music to be playing for another 2-3 minutes after the ceremony is complete.  This sets both of you up for a painfully long and awkward moment of standing in front of your guests waiting for the music to end.

Consider an instrumental musical piece to ensure that the vocals do not overpower or compete for the attention of the officiant.  The music should be short and quiet, which is why a snippet of an instrumental version works well.



Perfectly Blending the Music into the Ceremony

It's quite a task to select all the music for the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, reception and of course, the unity sand ceremony.

Should you go more formal?  Religious?  Classical?  You know you need something short and sweet, but you also want it to be meaningful and memorable.  

If you need a little help putting your own stamp on music played during the unity sand ceremony, here are some of the most played, most requested songs of the year to get you started.


Top 10 Unity Sand Ceremony Songs of 2019

  1. Ave Maria

  2. Wedding Song (There is Love)

  3. Yours, Mine & Ours

  4. Two Hearts, One Love

  5. By My Side (Ben Harper)

  6. All of Me (John Legend)

  7. Here is My Heart

  8. The Best Day

  9. The One

  10. Coming Home

Other crowd favorites include The Rose, After All, The Prayer and Unforgettable.

Most of these songs do not have an artist listed.  Because all of these songs have been covered by a wide array of recording artists, you can choose the version that best fits your style.  For example, if you love country music, you can choose a version of the song performed by a country music singer.  This goes for any music genre.  

If you have a wedding singer on the guest list, especially if it's a family member or dear friend, try your hand at writing your own song and ask them to perform it with an acoustic guitar or piano accompaniment.  

Instrumental versions of any of these songs, or your own song, are the best option for a unity sand ceremony.  Whether recorded or played live on guitar, piano, violin or flute, the essence of the ceremony exudes personality and elegance.

The Most Important Aspect of the Unity Sand Ceremony

It is your day.

This day is about you and your Love starting a new life together.  This day is about taking a bit of each of you and joining into one.  It's about who you are as individuals and on your wedding day, about who you will become as a couple.  There is no right or wrong.

Whoever you are and whatever you love, this is the day to let your personalities sing, shine and sparkle through your unity sand ceremony.

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