Instagram is a fun and easy way to record candid moments from your wedding. Technology has drastically changed the way weddings go from planning on Pinterest to gathering RSVPs via email. Advancements in technology and user-friendly social media platforms have completely changed wedding photography, too. 
While it's great to have a professional photographer for the more formal photos and high-quality images, candid photos are some of the most fun to look back on and reminisce about your big day. Since nearly everyone has a smartphone these days, your guests are sure to take a bunch of fun snapshots with their phones during your wedding and reception. Here's what you need to curate those photos:
- Instagram mobile app
- Predetermined wedding hashtag
- Online photo storage site, like Flickr
- Account on
1. If you don't have the Instagram app on your phone, you'll need to download it and create an account. 
2. Create a custom hashtag that people can tag photos from your wedding with. Make your hashtag unique (you won't want other people's photos included with yours) and easy to remember for your guests. 
3. Create a Flickr account to store the photos.
4. Set up an account on (If This, Then That). Activate the "channels" you are using. In this case, it'll be Instagram and Flickr. Then, create "recipes" that tell the site what to do with your photos. So, you'll say IF THIS: wedding guests tags a photo with #yourhashtag on Instagram THEN THAT: photo automatically uploads to Flickr.
5. Share the hashtag with your wedding guests, and after the wedding, you can print your photos or share your Flickr account with every to view the curated photos.
Thanks to smartphones and technology, it's easier than ever to share wedding memories with your friends and family. 

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