Fall may be overtaking summer for the most popular wedding season with its beautiful foliage and cooler temperatures, but it doesn't come without its own set of challenges. Check out some common fall wedding dilemmas and their solutions.


The Problem: You have an outdoor wedding planned that'll feature a beautiful natural foliage backdrop. However, the Indian summer gives way to an unexpected cold front.

The Solution: An outdoor fall wedding can be wonderful as long as everyone is prepared for the elements. Keep guests updated via email or your wedding website with the up-to-date forecast. Let them know on the invitation that it could get chilly, and they might want to consider bringing a jacket. Add rustic baskets filled with inexpensive or borrowed blankets at the end of every aisle, or set up heat lamps around the outdoor area. If possible, a crackling bonfire would be a warm and fun touch, and it would be perfect for wedding-day smores!


The Problem: After hours browsing Pinterest and wedding magazines, you've finally picked out your dream wedding bouquet only to find out the lilies you desire are out of season.

The Solution: If you have to give up your favorite blooms in your bouquet, you might be consoled by the fact that in-season flowers are much more affordable to use. There are still so many beautiful options for fall flowers including dahlias, chrysanthemums, and asters. Get creative and add some non-floral touches to your bouquet that play into the fall season like crabapples, wheat, and cattails. If you can't give up the lilies, some florists grow greenhouse flowers year-round at a higher price.


The Problem: The myriad of fall holidays makes it hard to find a convenient wedding weekend.

The Solution: No matter how early you pick a date, and how quickly you let your guests know, there will always be conflicts with some of your guests. However, you can do some research to make sure most of your guests are available. You might want to avoid holiday weekends like Labor Day so your guests aren't paying higher travel and hotel rates. Non-holiday weekends, though, will generally be more affordable than during peak vacation season.


The Problem: The weather is great, most of your guests have arrived, and everything looks beautiful. Then, you and the other seasonal allergy sufferers start feeling the effects of ragweed.

The Solution: You don't want puffy, red eyes in your wedding photos, so keep a non-drowsy, over-the-counter antihistamine on hand on your wedding day. Additionally, make sure your personal attendants keep your tissues and eye drops close by. You can check out the National Allergy Map for pollen counts in your area to get a better idea of how your allergies might react on your big day.



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