With fall nearly upon us, we are seeing a shift in wedding color trends. While our most popular wedding sand colors like marine, cobalt, coral, and our neutrals still are on top, there is a sand color that is gaining in popularity, and that color is Plum. The rich, deep purple color of our plum wedding sand is matched to David's Bridal Plum, and is a very flattering color on nearly everyone. Here are some of our favorite plum color combinations. 
 Plum and Tangerine 
Perfect for fall, plum and tangerine wedding sand combine to create a vibrant color due. This color combination allows for exciting floral arrangements and interesting decorating choices.
 Plum and Gray 
Either our Dove Gray or Medium Gray or even Silver Shimmer wedding sand colors would combine well with plum. This is a great color combination for a fall or winter wedding, and we love the sophisticated feel it has.
 Plum and Peach 
Plum and Peach combine to create a romantic feel with a touch of vintage charm. Use our Gold Shimmer wedding sand as an accent color to add some sparkle.
What is your favorite color to pair with our Plum wedding sand?

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