Over-the-top, fondant-covered cakes are stepping down and being replaced by humble tiers and naked cakes instead. Check out these fall wedding cake trends for 2016.
Textured Frosting
Rather than decking out your cake in fondant flowers or intricate designs, opt for a textured frosting look instead. Not only is frosting only typically cheaper than fondant, but some would argue that it's tastier, too! The simple, sophisticated look can be dressed up with flowers and a cake topper, or left plain for a simple and modern look.
Naked Cake
If your not one for a lot of frosting, consider a naked cake for your wedding. They are great for rustic weddings, and look great with flowers or fruit adornments that give it pops of color. Set your cake on a timeless silver stand for an elevated look, or use a log for a rustic look. Dark chocolate cake with stark white frosting between layers makes a dramatic impact. Amp up the flavor with flavorful drips of caramel or chocolate.
Ditch the Cake
You could opt for a small cake for the traditional cake cutting and serve the rest of your guests pie. Pie is perfect for a fall wedding, and still can look beautiful enough to display. Offer a variety of flavors so there's something for everyone.

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