With the endless color combinations for unity sand, it can be difficult to pick something that just feels right. If you are struggling to come up with a truly unique idea that will really pull your unity sand ceremony right from the very heart of nature, look no further than to animals for inspiration. Let your imagination turn to the beauty of animals and their many color combinations that just work.  



  1.  Tropical Fish

The breathtaking colors that can be seen in an aquarium are some of the most beautiful colors you will ever see.  The richly vibrant blues, greens, yellows and reds are all covered in the many varieties of tropical fish.  With fish, there are many different color patterns, as well as combinations, that will give you additional inspiration for unity sand patterns.


  1.  Tiger

The colors of a tiger are as strong and powerful as the wild cat itself.  The gorgeous variations of deep orange combined with black imply a message of how strong your union is, and how powerful the message of the unity sand ceremony.  Deep shades of orange are perfect to use for fall ceremonies and is currently a hot, trending color.


  1.  Flamingo

The flamingo is well-known for its tropical feel with shades of light orange to pink.  If your unity sand ceremony has a beachy-theme, the colors of the flamingo would tie in perfectly.  The colors of this bird are soft and comforting, and with a contrasting deep, dark color of unity sand, will bring back memories of the tropics on chilly nights.


  1.  Zebra

Zebra prints and colors have been a decorating favorite for a long time.  This color scheme has been used as accent pieces in everything from bedspreads to throw pillows to cell phone cases.  It's very popular and works well as an eye-catching color combination.  The timeless blending of classic black and white colors work is good choice with unity sand.  These colors are also a favorite in traditional ceremonies (think tuxedo and bridal gown).


  1.  Giraffe

The color and spots on a giraffe are one of nature's most distinguishable features.  The simplicity of a deep orange laced with brown accents is a sweet color combination that adds interest and depth to any unity sand vase.  Orange makes such a bold statement and with the softening effect of brown, makes for a deeply warm and inviting color combination.  The natural pattern of a giraffe's hide would be a great opportunity to work tightly-packed, geometric-shaped sand molds into your design.


  1.  Peacock

It's hard to believe that the colors of the males, not the females, of this species are so brilliantly glorious.  As the male struts his stuff and spreads out those feathers, it's hard to take your eyes off of him.  The deep shades of green and blue perfectly blended with accent shades of brown, red and purple, is beauty that can only come from nature and animals.  Such deep, rich colors that work well with any season of a unity sand ceremony.


  1.  Ducks

It's so calming to watch ducks swimming peacefully across the water.  The shine of those deeply intense green heads is almost like an exquisite emerald.  Complimented by shades of gray, blue and white, the male ducks show off absolutely inspiring color combinations.  How amazing would those shiny, brilliant, dark green duck colors look as replicated in unity sand?


  1.  Parrot

You cannot achieve a tropical theme more closely than by duplicating the colors of a parrot.  All of those gorgeous colors coming together in a perfect mix of vibrant reds, greens, blues and yellows.  It's as if all the colors of the rainbow come together in this extremely colorful bird.  For even more of a pop, accent with a bit of black or white for a touch of sand layer definition.  For a summer, tropical or beach theme, look no further than the parrot for inspiration.


  1.  Butterflies

Although an insect and not officially an "animal," these delicate creatures come in so many beautiful shades of any color you can imagine.  The natural beauty comes in with the way the colors seamlessly begin where another ends.  The large number of color combinations offer ideas that you may have never considered.  The different angles, circular patterns and colors come together for both color palette and design ideas.


  1.  The Most Personal Animal - Your Own Pet

If you have a pet you love, take a good long look at his or her colors.  Whether your pet has scales, feathers or fur, take some time to really look at how perfectly the colors work together, one effortlessly blending into the next.  Dogs and cats in particular have different colors of fur, anything from gray to off-white to dark reddish brown.  Varying the shade of the same color can give a naturally beautiful effect even when darker colors are used.


With all the many stunning colors that animals naturally provide, it's no wonder that a lot of inspiration comes from them.  Animals represent everything from strength and power to simple and delicate.  

Find the animal you identify with and draw your inspiration from these amazingly colored creatures.

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