Aside from the unity candle, unity sand is one of the most popular wedding unity ceremonies. Not only does it provide couples a keepsake to remember their wedding forever, but it also allows couples to perform the ceremony smoothly no matter the weather.

With more and more couples forgoing the unity candle in favor of a unity sand wedding ceremony, you wouldn’t want yours to look just like everyone else’s. Below are some inspirations on how you can customize your unity sand ceremony and make it truly your own.

1.    Involve Family Members

One of the main advantages of a unity sand ceremony over the unity candle is that it allows for a longer, more meaningful celebration that could also include your loved ones. For instance, if you and your spouse already have children, having them pour their own sand signifies your families coming together as one.

Moreover, having family members include their own sand colors in the mix usually produces a more beautiful end result. If your children are too young, you might want to rehearse first at home, which is why we suggest buying about 2 lbs of sand, depending on the sand ceremony set you use.

2.    Leaving a Little Bit of Sand in Each Container

Typical unity sand rites involve the couples taking turns on pouring their sand until they run out, but if you want to make yours unique, you and your spouse could leave a bit of sand in each other’s containers. This symbolizes that despite the union, you will not lose your individuality, which is an important element of every successful and happy relationship.

3.    Frame Your Unity Sand

Over the years, unity sand vases have evolved in various shapes and styles, from classic cylindrical vases to heart-shaped vases. But if you want to step it up further, you might want to consider framing your sand. A unity sand frame set provides you with the best possible customization, as it allows you to use your favorite photo together, and even include some engraving of your wedding date, favorite saying, and even your vows!

4.    Use a Shadow Sand Box

A shadow sand box is another modern take on unity sand containers. Shadow boxes such as our Clearly Love Shadow Box holds your sand safely and provides you with a stunning centerpiece that will memorialize your wedding.  

5.    Use White Sand as the Base

Another twist you can give to your unity sand ceremony is using white sand as the base. Not only does white serve as a beautiful contrast to more striking colors, but it symbolizes God being in the center of your relationship. If you want it to be more meaningful, you can ask your officiant to pour the white sand as the foundation.

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