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  • 10 mm Plastic Diamond on 6 cm Needle - Pkg of 48

    These synthetic diamonds will look like a "million bucks" added to wedding bouquets, centerpieces or anything else that requires a little sparkle. Size: 6 cm Long*Note: A minimum purchase of...
  • Beaded Pearl Flower Bundle - Silver White & Gold Ivory

    Silver with elegant white pearl accents are a great way to dress up your bouquet, accent your centerpieces or flower arrangements. Dainty and elegant, this is the perfect bouquet jewelry...
  • Bouquet Jewelery Silver AB

    A wonderful way to add sparkle to your bridal bouquet, these silver plated, AB Swarovski crystals will catch the light and draw all the attention straight to the bride. Sold...
  • Bouquet Jewelry Cross (set of 2)

    Cross Measures 5/8" Tall(Packaged as a Set of 2)Petite Cross Bouquet Jewelry is the perfect way to show your faith while adding glamour and sparkle to your wedding bridal bouquet...
  • Bouquet Jewelry Gold & Rum Pink 2'' Pin (144 Per Box)

    Lovely bouquet jewelry featuring rum pink faux pearls to add the perfect accent to any bridal bouquet or table-top centerpiece. Gently stick these bouquet pins into any floral arrangement and...
  • Bouquet Jewelry Gold Ivory Pearl Wire (26 Foot Long)

    Beautiful golden/silver wire accented with ivory or white faux pearls makes this lovely bouquet jewelry a subtle and lovely accent to any floral arrangement.Size: 26 FT.
  • Bouquet Jewlery Silver Clear ( Sold as Set of 6 )

    A wonderful way to add sparkle to your bridal bouquet, these silver plated, clear Swarovski crystals will catch the light and draw all the attention straight to the bride. Sold...
  • Crystal and Rhinestone Bouquet Jewelry

    (Sold in Sets of 6)Crystal and Rhinestone Bouquet jewels sit on a 12" long flexible twisted metal stick for ease of coordination and positioning. Add glamor and glitz with these...
  • Crystal Bouquet Picks - Gold or Silver

    Elegance is simple when adding Crystal Flower Bouquet accents to your bouquets, flower arrangements, or centerpieces. This delicate Flower Bouquet Jewelry features beautiful components of Swarovski Crystals and Rhinestones that...
  • Crystal Butterfly Bouquet Jewelry

    Sparkling Butterfly Bouquet Jewelry is absolutely breathtaking. Don't miss out on the newest fashion trend in bridal bouquets "Crystal Butterfly Bouquet Jewelry". Your guests are guaranteed to be impressed with...
  • Crystal Flower Bouquet Jewelry (set of 6)

    (Sold in Sets of 6)Elegant crystal bouquet jewelry adds the perfect finishing touch to your wedding bouquet and centerpieces. These popular sparkling accents will add glamour and glitz to your...
  • Crystal Heart Bouquet Jewelry - Heart Pick

    Glamor Crystal Bouquet HeartsEach Heart Sold Individually (2 Single Hearts Shown in Picture)Size: 2" High x 2.5" Wide on 10" StickThese glamor crystal hearts are the perfect way to add romance...
  • Crystal Pearl Flower Bouquet Jewels

    (Sold in Sets of 2)Swarovski Crystal and white pearl bouquet jewelry adds a touch of elegance with these sparkling crystal jewels and accent of white color! This is the perfect...
  • Crystal Rondell Bouquet Accents (Set of 2)

    Elegant Swarovski Crystal Rondell Bouquet Jewelry Set of 2 accents are simply stunning. These sparkling bouquet jewels will add a touch of sparkle and glitz to your wedding bouquet, centerpieces,...
  • Dragonfly Crystal Bouquet Jewelry (Set of 2)

    (Sold in Sets of 2)Dragonflies are a symbol of tranquility that represents a new life and joy. Sparkling crystal dragonfly bouquet jewelry is the perfect finishing touch to any bridal...
  • Elegant Crystal Bouquet Jewels

    (Sold in a Set of 10 )Bouquet Crystal Jewels on 8" long flexible metal sticks are available in Gold with beautiful Crystal Jewel Accents. The Simple Clear Crystal is a...
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