Family unity sand ceremony vows

Family Unity Sand Ceremony

After Wedding Vows – Family Unity Sand Ceremony

* We suggest you have instrumental music softly playing in the background


Officiant (step to the side while speaking to the audience the following – speak calmly and slowly, taking pauses in a few places to make this portion of the ceremony last 2 – 3 minutes:


<Groom Name> and <Bride Name>, you have made a commitment of your eternal love for one another.  This commitment is not in a vacuum.  <Child Name>, <child name>, and <child name> are also a part of this new family.  Together you are going to create a keepsake that will forever remind you of this day.  Each separate member has their own vessel of sand that they will blend together with all the others.


<Groom starts by pouring white – Then each person continues taking their turn pouring some of their sand into the center vase, layering colors several times while the officiant continues speaking the following>:


The first color you are placing in the vessel is white, symbolizing the foundation of Christ in your marriage, and thus your home. Then you will each alternate pouring your different colors of sand. The separate colors of sand represent your different lives up until this day – individual and unique.  As you now alternately layer your sand together, your lives also join together as one – as a family. <long pause allowing family to take their time pouring>


The layers of your past become layers of your present and your future. And the layers of each individual have now become a part of each other member.  The final product is one very unique piece of art.  Your marriage and your family is a unique work of art, created by Christ Jesus.  These grains of sand, while different colors, can never be separated again.  It represents your unity in Christ, and His plan for your marriage.

<Ending Prayer and Pronouncement>


It is my privilege to present to you Mr. & Mrs. __________________

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